guest Information

Guest Information

Members of The Country Club of Rochester, their families, and guests of all ages, are expected to subscribe to a dress code that is in keeping with the traditions of the finest private clubs in the country. To assist in that goal some definitions of appropriate dress at the Club are provided below.

All members are requested to inform their guests of the Club dress code. 

The purpose of the Dress Code is to ensure that sensible, reasonable and appropriate standards are maintained at all times on Club premises. 

Golf attire should be neat, tailored and consistent with the standards of the club and traditions of the game of golf. 

The Pro Shop is well stocked with suitable clothing and any inadvertent errors may be quickly and easily corrected before play can commence.

Members and guests are required to change into golf attire in the Locker Room. 

Metal spike golf shoes are not permitted.

Gentlemen & Junior Boys
Golf shirts must have a collar or must be a recognized golf shirt design, (e.g. mock turtle or turtle neck). 

Shirts must be tucked into the trousers. 

Tailored trousers or shorts are required. The following are not permitted: sweat pants, cargo pants or shorts, blue jeans. 

Golf shorts are permitted provided that they are tailored and knee length (Bermuda length). Tennis shorts are not permitted. 

Ladies & Junior Girls
Sleeveless tops are permitted provided they have a collar and conversely, any top worn without a collar must have sleeves. Tank, tube and halter tops are not permitted. 

Tops must be tucked in except those with banded edges. 

Conservative tailored golf skirts, shorts or pants (including Capri length) are appropriate. Short skirts or shorts (e.g. tennis length) are not permitted. 

Jeans, cargo, rugby, sweat and spandex pants/shorts are not permitted. 

For all club events in the Library and Main Dining Room, gentlemen are required to wear a jacket and tie (unless otherwise specified).

Gentlemen are required to wear a collared shirt and jacket when dining in the Hunt Room.

Gentlemen are asked to remove their hats/caps in the Clubhouse. When outside, hats must be worn bill forward.

The Country Club of Rochester has always been committed to providing our members and their guests a relaxing and enjoyable environment. With this in mind we ask all members and guests to follow use the following guidelines with respect to the use of cell phones and other electronic devices.

Voice Calls shall only be made in:

    • Designated phone booths 
    • Personal Automobiles
    • Men’s Card Room
    • Playground area next to the swimming pool
    • 2nd Floor Hallway (past the elevator)
    • Golf Course - designated areas behind the golf snack shop and at the back end of 
       the driving range between the tee and Elmwood Ave.

Phones should be set on silence at all times while on Club property.

The discreet and non audible use of cell phones for text, emails etc. is allowed in all other areas of the Club and grounds with the exception of the main dining areas (Grill Porch, Grill Terrace, Main Dining Room, and Hunt Room). 

The use of laptop computers is limited to guest rooms and rooms booked for meeting purposes.

Members are responsible for their family and guests in respect to this policy. The staff is instructed to remind everyone of our policy. Infractions may result in suspension of member privileges.

        • Medical Emergencies
        • Private Parties



Smoking is not allowed inside the Clubhouse.

Living Room, Library, and Main Dining Room:
Men: Jackets, collared shirts and ties (golf attire only at specified events).

Women: Clothes of comparable formality.

Hunt Room, Upper Terrace (under awning - see amendment below):
Men: Jackets and collared or turtleneck shirts.

Women: Clothes of comparable formality.

Board, Homestead, Thistle, Grill Porch, Grill Room. Grill Terrace (Umbrella Seating), Hagen Lounge, Lower Terrace:
Men: Neat, collared or turtleneck shirts. Bermuda style / length shorts.

Women: Clothes of comparable formality.

Club Room:
Men and Women: Sports clothing and denim jeans allowed. 

Children should wear attire appropriate to their age for the room or area.

Men should not wear hats or visors in the Clubhouse. 

Women should not wear visors in the Clubhouse, but may wear hats appropriate to their style of formal or informal, but not sports, attire. 

Different requirements than specified above for any room or area may apply for events for which the Club or host specifies other attire. 

Members and their guests are expected to conform to the dress code when entering the Clubhouse or Golf Course area from the Tennis Courts, Exercise Facility, Swimming Pool, Platform Tennis or Skating Rink areas.

Golf Course and Practice Areas:
Men: Golf shirts with sleeves, golf slacks and Bermuda style / length shorts.

Women: Golf shirts with sleeves, collared sleevless shirts, golf slacks, skirts, and Bermuda style / length shorts.

Proper tennis footwear and attire.

Exercise Facility:
Workout clothes, sweat suits, jogging shorts, t-shirts.

Swimming Pool:
Only swim suits are permitted to be worn in the pool, and are appropriate only in the pool and playground areas. Informal attire is appropriate in the Pool Snack Bar area.

Platform Tennis: 
Proper footwear (sneakers) must be worn on the courts. Attire is not restricted otherwise.

Skating Rink:
Attire is not restricted.

Denim jeans are not acceptable attire on Club property except on the Platform Tennis Courts and Skating Rink, in the Club Room, locker rooms and their lounges.

Men's shirts should be tucked in at all times in the Clubhouse and on the Golf Course and Practice Areas.

The staff is authorized by the Board of Stewards to enforce these and other policies of the Club. We hope that you find this outline helpful. If you should have any questions regarding the Club Policies, please do not hesitate to contact our General Manager.