The Sam Urzetta Scholarship

The Sam Urzetta Scholarship was established in the name of The Country Club of Rochester’s beloved golf professional, the late Sam Urzetta, to give back to those who give to us, our CCR employees.

Sam Urzetta was a Rochester golf legend who was head professional at the Country Club of Rochester for 37 years, from 1956 to 1993. Sam was considered one of the finest gentleman golf ever produced. “When you were in his presence, you knew you were around someone special,” Jim Mrva, head professional at Monroe Golf Club, said in an interview in Golfweek Magazine in 2011. “For anyone who knew him, you felt like he was your best friend.” During the 1940’s Sam quickly rose in the ranks of Rochester area players, winning three Rochester District tittles, the 1948 NY State Amateur and many other local tittles including the CCR Invitation. In 1950, Sam won the US Amateur in a still record 39 holes at the age of 24. He went on to play in two Walker Cups going undefeated in four matches. He played on the PGA tour including competing in twelve majors finishing as high as 12th in the Masters. He is a Charter Member of the Western New York Hall of Fame. He was also inducted into Oak Hill Country Club’s Hill of Fame. After competing in the early 1950’s on the PGA, Sam returned home to Rochester to raise his family and begin his career at CCR. Sam could have competed very successfully on tour but family was most important to him. In addition to golf, Sam was a Hall of Fame basketball player at St. Bonaventure where he was captain of the basketball team, led the nation in free throw shooting (93.3%) and still has the St. Bonaventure’s free throw record. After retiring as head professional at CCR, Sam still gave lessons until his passing in 2011 the age of 85. The Country Club of Rochester will always remember this humble professional who was a great person, family man and friend.   

What is the Sam Urzetta Scholarship? 

The Sam Urzetta Scholarship was established in the name of Country Club of Rochester’s beloved golf professional, the late Sam Urzetta, to give back to those who give to us, our CCR employees.   

Who Qualifies? 
Any CCR employee or their children can apply for this scholarship for a 2 or 4-year college. Scholarship recipients are selected by a committee including our club manager, a member from the Urzetta family and CCR members serving on the selection committee. Scholarships are one-time grants but can be reapplied for each year.   

How are scholarships funded? 
The scholarship fund is supported through the contributions of CCR members and proceeds from the annual member member golf tournament. There is presently approximately $45,000 in an endowment. It is the goal of the scholarship committee to reinvigorate this scholarship to reach new heights and support more scholarships. A goal of achieving a $250,000 endowment has been established. This will take many years, but with modest support from our membership; this can be accomplished over the next 5 years.   

Why Contribute? 
There are a number of reasons to contribute. The members of CCR have always been known as pillars of the community who were philanthropic for the betterment of Rochester. Why not support those who provide an enjoyable experience for us at CCR? Further, Sam Urzetta was a big believer in the power of education according to his son, Mike. A contribution would be a great honor to Sam, one of CCR’s longest serving employees. Also, providing educational assistance could be a difference maker in attracting the best employees to our wonderful Club.   

Is the Contribution Tax-Deductible? 
Yes, the Sam Urzetta Scholarship was established as a 501 (c) (3) with administration at the Rochester Area Community Foundation.  

How to Contribute
Contributions can be made by writing a check payable to:
Rochester Area Community Foundation
noting on the check, "Sam Urzetta Scholarship",
and mailing it to:
Rochester Area Community Foundation
500 East Ave.
Rochester, NY 14607


Caleb Holfoth ~ 2019
Alyssa Bileschi ~ 2018
Hillary Mekayo-Bakou ~ 2017
Will Hager ~ 2017
Chris Evans ~ 2017
Maggie Kreienberg ~ 2017
Alexandria Guinness ~ 2016
Edward Kreienberg ~ 2016
Adam Pembroke ~ 2015
Benson Hager~ 2015
Taylor Badger ~ 2015
Matt Mattia ~ 2015
Steven Philip, Jr. ~ 2014  

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